Foundations: Ancient Faith for Modern People

If you are looking to engage and connect with young adults who are suspicious of church yet spiritually interested, this may be the resource you have been looking for. Developed by church planter John Amandola, Ancient Foundations for Modern People (MUP, 2017) combines engaging stories with solid teaching on the foundational issues of Christianity in language that is clear, yet largely devoid of religious jargon (ie Christian-ese). With instructions for the leader at the beginning for how to best use this resource, Amandola provides the guidelines necessary for meaningful weekly conversations with young adults, recognizing and avoiding the challenges (or temptation) to be overly directive.

Some will critique the book for its lack of theological depth, yet in reality it demonstrates thoughtful biblical explanations without using theological jargon. Used for its intended audience and purpose, it provides solid Scriptural teaching and reflection. For the theologically (over-)educated person, it helps, even forces, one to rethink and rephrase faith into generationally appropriate language.

If you are a youth or young adult pastor seeking to engage college age (or above) students in meaningful spiritual discussions, regardless of their place on the spectrum of Christian faith, this resource would be worth the price.

Note: This book was presented to the reviewer in exchange for an unbiased review.

Dr. Steven Ibbotson serves as Provost & Chief Academic Officer at Missional University.

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